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Announcing BijzShoux™ by GSyndicates™

Here it is family… You all know my fashion wishes and style dreams at GSyndicates™ #esouH. My first SHOE collection is launching with this:–1.

About BijzShoux™

My first shoe brand is BijzShoux™. Most of you know my long time study of French language and my first ambition of being a language teacher.

A Bijou with a “j” is a jewel. My logo is a diamond. A Bizou with a “z” (or with an “s”) is a kiss. Adding the letter “x” to the end of either word, makes it formally plural. BijzShoux™ are kisses for your royal feet!

When you want Haute fashion that walks like nothing else, give her fancy “feat” dreams a diamond kiss!

Why fancy “feat”? Because you have fashion wishes and style dreams. My shoes are for more than your blessed pieds (feet). A feat is an achievement that requires great courage, skill, or strength.

BijzShoux™ are a shoes. BijzShoux™ is a movement.

Pre-Sale ON NOW!

This BijzShoux goes into production after the seventh (7th) pre-paid sale. Thank you for your support to achieve the first 7 sales ASAP!

Let me share with you that the production house liked my design so well, I was awarded a FREE pair ON THE CONDITION of getting 6 more CONFIRMED SALES. 1 UP, six to go! Don't miss this opportunity to get them first! Some of you have committed to
purchase already and I APPRECIATE YOU!!!

The pre-sale requires the equivalent of SEVEN (7) PRE-PAID sales before the widow closes, in order to start production and advance to the next stage of marketing.

COMING SOON! - The BijzShoux™ Box

For anyone who purchases DURING the presale (ENDING in 28 days), I will include you in my BijzShoux™ Box program for members only! You will receive a FREE gift from me every month for the life of your membership! The BijzShoux™ box always has some of my favorite things, and something for your dreams!